Bring some luxury to your home

Sleek, modern, and spacious wet rooms add a touch of style and luxury which many had not imagined they could have in their homes. The sense of space in what may have felt like a cramped bathroom is refreshing and coupled with a built-in style vanity unit can reduce the clutter in the bathroom so that you have 'hotel feeling'.

Can you have one?

Quite possibly, there are many factors to consider from room size, floor type and of course budget.

Future proofing

The majority of wetrooms that BN3 Properties install are for people who want to future proof their home, that is, make sure that they can still use their bathroom without assistance as they get older. For some a bath is lovely but an impossible thing to get in and out of, so a wetroom with a seat is perfect.

This does not mean that a wetroom is only for people with limited mobility, indeed it can be a style stealer when trying to sell.

We prefer to fit AKW systems as they are secure, 100% water-tight, flexible and high quality.

Myths resolved

Myth: They cannot be fitted upstairs because they might leak.

Truth: Nope, they can be fitted anywhere that there is access to water and waste.

Myth: They usually leak.

Truth: Again nope, not if fitted properly. We take up the floorboards, fit the former (like a slim shower tray) in the space, cover the floor with altro walkway safety flooring, right up to the height of normal skirting, then tile where needed or paint where needed. Your space is water proof and we offer a 12 month guarantee.

Myth: They cost an arm and a leg!

Truth: Ah well maybe a leg but not usually an arm too. The extra cost comes only in the former (under floor tray), probable new waste hole to outside (because we’ve made the waste lower by hiding it under the floor) and extra day of labour that these cause.

Myth: They cannot be fitted into concrete floors.

Truth: Oh but they can. It is more difficult and very noisy but in most cases concrete floors do not stop a wetroom from being fitted.

In short, wet rooms can be fitted in 90% of bathrooms. Call us and we will come round and let you know whether your house or flat is suitable.