Welcome to BN3 Property Renovations!


What do we do?  Well, in truth, almost anything in a house, as we are a team of people with all trades covered.  We tend not to do small, leaky tap jobs but know people who do.  So, what so we really like to do?


RENOVATIONS, it’s in our name and it’s what we love to do and excel at.


I have tried to keep the pages brief and in each one is a link to photos, which is what most people really like to see.  This way I can keep the photos fresh, from real jobs on the go.


Who are we?

In 2003 Jane Wrin started her new life in trades and became femaleplumber.com.  A decade later, with a whole host of new ideas, 10 years experience and more contacts than the YellowPages, she re-branded as BN3 Properties, in 2013.

Now, as BN3 Properties, we are a large team of professional trades, covering just about everything a house could need.  

Based in the Avenues of Hove we tend to get mainly BN3 work but can wander as far as BN1, BN2 or even further afield.  Projects have also been in Hurstpierpoint, Shoreham, Lewes and the surrounding areas. 

From original concept to final handover, Jane Project Manages the work.  We work with architects, structural engineers and party wall surveyors, to smooth the way and advise the best way to get what you want, or at least minimise the number of compromises.

Our philosophy

Love your home, it is the single largest purchase you are likely to make and with holidays quite probably curtailed for at least the next 18 months (writing this in July 2020) you can make it your holiday home too.  So, add some space, or make that kitchen the envy of your friends, the bathroom somewhere to relax and the outside smart, a house people smile at.