Latest Cleaning Standards

The latest standard for industrial cleanliness known as B&ES TR19 (2nd edition: 2013) sets out the level of cleanliness required and which is then confirmed by independent laboratory testing. Employers have a responsibility to maintain their building cleanliness under workplace health and safety guidlines in place. Our engineers are trained on current legislation and carry out our work to ensure employers are compliant. Onyx is certified in all areas of industrial cleaning practice for the projects it will undertake.

What is TR19?

Onyx are specialists in TR19, the British Engineering Services Association (BESA) details the guidelines to be followed.  The increase in fire incidents caused due to ovens and extractors not being cleaned has highlighted the need for companies to become compliant.

TR19 is all about maintaining kitchen standards which will ultimately protect general public.  The guidelines list how grease extraction systems should be cleaned and you may consider the following before engaging a company to carry out the work for you

Health & Safety Considerations

The TR19 guidelines recommend a policy is in place at the premises and proper record keeping is done to record the schedule of maintenance. Your cleaning company should be accredited and staff trained in all aspects of TR19 legislation. Equally they should wear the necessary Health and Safety equipment. Check that your contractor is CHAS and Sazfe Contractor accredited.


Onyx is experienced in deep cleaning of industrial kitchens and ensuring the highest level of hygeine is maintained. Its staff and directors have over a decade of industry experience in this specific area.We ensure our operatives have at least  the BESA Green Book training scheme or something similar.

Quality Assurance

Speak to us about our quality assurance policy. We have in place the necessary procedures to ensure you remain compliant and we provide the best quality service available. Our procedures ensure that our service is delivered and recoreded in your Fire Safety Compliance Report and kept upto date after every clean. Contact us if you have questions on TR19 or any matters regarding building maintenance legislation.