Renovations – Internal work

Renovations are our bread and butter, we love them. The sense of pride at taking a tired house and handing back a fabulous home, or taking a rather sad rental and seeing new tenants look in amazement that this is theirs, cannot be beaten. That’s why they do it on TV and we all love to watch, even us!

From single room work such as a kitchen or bathroom, to a decoration only on a few rooms or the whole house, we are always happy to visit and quote.

Jane likes to see new ideas but also keeps up to date on new trends and innovations, especially in the kitchen storage area.  Presenting a whole new kitchen plan which immediately makes a customer smiles, is a brilliant feeling.

Bathroom stuck in one layout?  Maybe not, as Jane started out plumbing, this is an area where we often surprise people with fresh ideas and skills..  If possible, we will re-arrange a layout to give you better space and feeling of relaxation.

The first time we were asked to make a bedroom look like a hotel room, we were unsure just how far to go.  After a few discussions, it became clear that the customer really did mean like a 5 star hotel: built-in wardrobes, bedside charging point and lamps, TV in a pleasing position and the list goes on.  That was back in 2009 and since then we have seen an increase in this sort of request and it can be quite exciting.

The sitting room, lounge, living room .. whatever you call it, you spend more hours there when awake, than in any other part of your home.  Does it look the way you want?  Does it say hello, relax, smile, have fun?  Or does it say, I’m tired, ignore this bit of me, don’t look at the ceiling?  Ask Jane, it is very likely that she can make a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing and then you will look at your room in a whole new light.


Photos of our work:

Click HERE to see some of our internal work photos.