Company Growth

With increased demand for services, two new Area Sales Representatives have joined our growing team.

New Reps: Terence and Jay

Terence will be covering the North and South East of London from Islington and King’s Cross over to Stratford and down to Canary Wharf. With the massive increase in new restaurant openings in the Hipster strongholds and trendy areas such as Shoreditich and Dalston, he will be busy helping chefs and restaurant manager with essential maintenance such as oven deep cleans and grease trap cleaning and fire prevention.

Across town, Jay will be meeing with restaurant owners and managers of up market resaurants in Mayfair and Chelsea as well as Central London. These business owners, some well known celebrity chefs, have many locations to maintain and are keen to keep their locations clean and safe to very high standards of care. Onyx has the experience and qualified staff who ensure their clients not only remain compliant but do the necessary preventative maintenance to ensure the workplace is safe and secure.

Property Maintenance Services

In addition to restaurants and other industrial kitchens, the new area reps will be working with an expanded portfolio of property maintenance services to offer. Please see the services section of the Onyx Facilities Services website for more details and contact information.