Extensions and Conversions


Has the lockdown made you think that 3 floors are better than 2? Adding that extra storey, in the form of a loft conversion, is very popular in Brighton & Hove.

Most of our housing stock is pre-1900, which is great in many ways but also offers up a host of maintenance needs.

One way to instantly gain space in your house is to knock through from front to back and in the smaller terraces, this is a regular feature.  Another is to remove chimney breasts, but we would add that they also add a lovely focus to a room, so would always encourage keeping one in the sitting room.  Bedrooms, however, if cramped for modern bed sizes and wardrobe needs, can suddenly become far more usable if we remove the unused chimney breast.

Some of the medium or larger terraces extend outwards, sometimes 1 and sometimes 2 storeys. If you are not going for a huge extension, you may find that this is easier than you think.

Click this link to a government website which explains Permitted Development, or PD as it is referred to in the construction industry.

Your first questions are probably:
Do you need planning Permission?
Is your home listed?
Is your home in a Conservation area?
What is permitted Development?

There are many questions and we usually need 2 or perhaps in more complicated cases, 3 visits to assess the property, to be able to begin to advise you correctly.

We do all that. We find your Architect & Structural Engineer. We submit plans and applications.

Our most common enquiries are:

Knock through wall inside a flat or house

Bi-fold patio doors to a rear garden

Loft extension

Full height, i.e. 2 storey extensions with or without loft extension.

Garage alteration or construction.


Photos of our work:
Click HERE to view some of our extensions and conversions work