General refurbishment

I was so pleased when Jane said that her team could do everything, but I was sceptical as I needed electrics, carpentry, tiling, plumbing, plastering, the whole works. She delivered on schedule and within my budget. Thanks Jane and Team, I have recommended you several times since.

Jeff, Fiveways

New bathroom

We had a very small bathroom made extra tricky by unusual angles, and Jane also had to deal with difficult clients who had certain very fixed ideas!
But she went out of her way to deliver and even improve on our original plans, at one point hunting down a product we wanted that didn't seem to exist in the real world outside brochures.
Jane talks the whole thing through with you, turns up when she says she will, and makes sure that clients get what they want.

The whole process was as painless as it could possibly have been and we are delighted with the result.

Nick & Diedre, Port Hall

New bathroom

We moved in thinking we could put up with a crappy bathroom but we quickly discovered that we couldn’t. BN3 Properties were brilliant. We now have a beautiful bathroom.

George and Izzie, Hove

General maintenance

We saw Jane’s van parked outside a neighbour’s house and called her. We had lots of little jobs to do from flooring the loft, to changing the loo seat because the loo had to come apart to access it. We can now use our loft AND see in it, as well as all the other niggly little things that she fixed.

Katie & Nikki, Patcham