Period properties

We can restore or replace to bring your home back to its former glory

In Brighton & Hove we still have some amazing buildings which have managed to escape the advent of power tools. Georgian mouldings, 8 inch deep skirtings, 6 inch wide floorboards and beautiful fireplaces are rare. But you can find them if you look.

Here at BN3 Properties we love to take a pigs ear and make it into a silk purse, but our job is sometimes about reversing the work done in a previous age as an ‘improvement’. If you own a period home you can trust us to research anything that we don’t know with experts.

In 2014 we saw the number of cornice and freeze uncoverings increase. Many Hove flats and houses have thickly painted cornicing. We can peel away the layers and reveal the original design beneath.

What’s more, if your flat is a converted house you may have lost some of the cornicing to another room, or the builders may have simply cut it away. In many cases we can take a mould and using an expert in these matters, we have it copied and replaced along the missing section – beautiful.