Buy-to-let investments make up 21% of Brighton & Hove housing

This is twice the national average. The council website states:

The city has the sixth largest private rented sector in the country and over seven times the number of converted flats. Three-quarters of the housing stock was built before 1919, often these homes are harder to insulate and to heat.

BN3 Properties work in partnership with and offer landlord services from call out to full refurbishments. We have over 2 dozens rental properties that we currently look after, some with direct calls from tenants and agreements in place with landlords, others where we do landlord holiday cover.

Being a landlord is not for the feint-hearted; someone else’s happiness literally lies in your hands. There are some dreadful rental properties in the city where no effort has been made to maintain them. Something goes wrong and it is suddenly a big bill. Keeping the property up to scratch is always cheaper in the long run and it is worthwhile adding to your investment, so we offer a First Check Service.

This means that on our first visit we will check everything that needs doing, agree a schedule of works and get it all done quickly and at cost effective price in time for a new tenant or in order to keep your existing tenant.

Call us and we'll be happy to pay you a visit.