Clever designs and logical layout

So this is where the party always starts and usually carries on! The room where we create wonder or ping a ready meal and the second room in the home that adds or detracts from your property value. Clever designs can create space that you never knew you had, careful choice of unit colour and logical layout are all part of our service.

What can we do?

We will design a whole new look with your input, talk through how you use the kitchen (dinner parties or beans on toast type use), help you to choose the oven, dish washer (or not), sink type, tap, cooker hood and so on.

From a full design: floor to ceiling we can do it all. New lights? Of course, why use old lights when you’ve just spent £1,000s on everything else? Working to a tight budget? No problem, set the budget, tell us what it is and we will show you what can be done.

We fit farmhouse, traditional, modern, compact, spacious, galley, square, U-shaped and kitchen-diners in flats.