Chippies are not just for your Friday night supper!

Like most trades with BN3 Properties it is ancient. Look at any Ancient Greek or Roman villa and you'll find carved wood in many forms. Of course most of our jobs aren't quite museum quality as they are often just boxing-in, fitting bath panels, wooden flooring, shelves and such.

We can offer a full design and fit service for your kitchen, including floors.

Who is on our team?

  • Sammy, who has been working with Jane since 2002
  • Darryl, who has an excellent eye for detail
  • Annie, who is the supreme bespoke shelf and cabinet maker


We did our first soundproofing of a converted flat in 2014. Since then 2015 has seen it as our most popular service. From just stairs, maybe 1 room to a whole flat we can lift your floorboards, add sound proofing and then replace your boards, add more, then carpet, tile or laminate the floor.