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Mechanical Fire & Smoke Control

Mechanical fire and smoke control is designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, usually to protect occupants whilst they are evacuating or sheltered in place.

Passive Fire Protection Experts

Passive fire protection is designed to contain fire and smoke in a compartment or slow the spread of fire and smoke through a building. Passive fire protection aims to contain a fire, stopping it from spreading any further; this protects a building’s occupants and gives them the time to evacuate.

Fire Door Installation & Maintenance

A fire door is a door that has a fire protection rating. Fire doors are usually installed as part of a passive fire protection system with the aim of preventing the spread of fire and smoke to other compartments of a structure.

In the UK, a fire door is mentioned in Part B of the Building Regulations. These regulations state that fire doors are part of minimum requirements for fire protection that must be in place in all buildings.

Technical Consultants (Design & Build)

We offer a technical consultancy service, where we can design and build a suitable fire protection system for your building. We can design and build everything from mechanical fire and smoke control to passive fire protection for your buildings.

You can rely on Onyx to create compliant, capable fire protection systems for your buildings with our extensive experience and expertise. Here are some solutions that we are able to design and install for and in your buildings.

BESA Building Engineering Services Association
Exova Bmtrada
Bmtrada system certification
Alcumus safe contractor
The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme