Flooring is such an important choice

A whole refurbishment can be ruined by poor choice of style, colour or fitter. From large traventine stone, to simple laminate we can source and fit in any room in your home. We can advise on the overall colour scheme, show you samples and ensure that peripheral detail such as new skirting and trimming of doors are taken care of.

With many conversions in Brighton and Hove we have become familiar with the problems of noisy neighbours, compounded by the lack of any soundproofing. We use Celletca Deckfon and flanking sound edging to offer maximum decibel reduction.

In wetrooms we use anti-slip flooring and offer a wide range of colours.

Jane, Ruth, Scott, Sammy, Darryl or Eugene will make your home look gorgeous in one fell swoop.

Some recent work

Slate floor
Tiled floor