A full painting and decorating service

90% of decorating is preparation and understanding your product. How soon can you paint a second coat? What gauge of sandpaper is best for fresh plaster? Should you paint in artificial light? How do you paint the outside without it coming off again in 6 weeks? What on earth is 2 part filler or algae wash?!

You ask BN3 Properties and our team will know the answer to these and many more questions.

Our team

Our team includes Juan, Mick, Tim and Sammy. All are experienced, with Sammy having in excess of 30 years experience (he tells me he started at the age of 5!) and Juan trying to catch up with him.

No matter the size of your home, drop us a line and we will come round, assess, advise and if you want, give you costings for the work.

Bright or simple, patterned or plain, we'll do it all.

Small living room