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The bathroom is one room that your guests get to look at alone; to assess and determine whether their’s is better or not. It is the hub of plumbing as it can contain up to 6 different outlets for water. It’s the easiest room to keep tidy and one of the rooms that adds value to your home.

From night soil men in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, shared toilet blocks until the mid 60s in some areas and Public Baths still operating into the 1970s in Hanover, we have come a long way in design and functionality. Funnily enough Jane is related to Thomas Crapper and guess what he invented!

Many Brighton & Hove bathrooms are compact and we frequently find new designs to give the illusion of space, with added storage wherever possible. Traditional bathrooms with free standing baths are popular in the late Victorian houses around Fiveways at the time of writing, and baths seem to be out of favour in Hove flats.

Showers vs baths

This is a common conundrum. Baths take up a lot of space and yet unless we have children, we seem to bathe less and less often. So do you put something in that takes up space and may only be used once a week? Showers are used daily, take half the space and therefore give you some space back … but what about when it is freezing outside? How about re-sale value?

BN3 Properties are regularly asked these questions and with some examples, perhaps a larger shower area and even on a few occasions the removal of a wall, we have always managed to satisfy the customer’s needs. Call or email Jane for a no obligation visit.